Quality Voice Recordings

Hi there! My name is Greg Scanlan.

I'm an American, retired in the Philippines. My buddies and I have a comprehensive studio and software and create professional quality voice recordings to accompany various types of video presentations.

$99 for a Ten Minute Presentation

In today's Internet, video is the way to go. Sites like Youtube have raised the public's expectation, and now all the major corporations are placing video content on their websites.

Video is showing itself to be an extremely effective way of promoting products and services, but who can afford thousands to have a professional media crew produce a video? You have no choice but to try to make your own.

Creating the visual part of a video is relatively easy. Grab a camcorder, create a Powerpoint presentation, or do a screen capture from your computer. There's a miriad of software packages that will help you do this.

Unfortunately, creating the audio track is not so easy. Music is great for setting the tone of a presentation, but unless a video contains high quality narration it will be lifeless and boring, or in many cases even worse - it will make you appear embarrassing unprofessional.

Television has created expectations for how a narrator should sound, but few people have either the voice, training or equipment to do professional sounding voice recordings. The good news is that my buddies and I do.

Send us a script and we'll create a crystal clear voice recording with a deep resonant voice, that you can cut and paste into your presentation. For just $99, we can make your presentation look and sound like something off the Discovery Channel.

Retired life is good, and living in the Philippines is inexpensive, but we like to keep busy and earn a little beer money. So, send us some work and let us do you a favour.